Hey guys,

I'm writing form an internet cafe in NY now.
This place is said that the biggest internet cafe in NY.
Well, I've been here for 4 day and having a fun,
but I' m leaving here in two hours.
Actually, I'm getting used to this town and
I wish I could stay more.
I haven't been to any museum, Soho and Italian village so far.....
One week staying is provably good for sight seeing.
Well, I thought here is more urban and people are sophisticated,
but actually the town is like a mixture of Ueno, Asakusa, Shinjyuku and Shibuya.
,and there are many historical buildings and also skyscrapers.
Some places are really luxurious and the other places are cheesy.
People are all mixed as well.
There are many black and Latin people
but not so many Asians.

I had both good things and but things here.
I expected those bad things though.
You know it's a big city.

Sorry for my bad spelling^^;
I'll correct it later.

Well, I'll write details when I come back to my home Victoria.
by guide289 | 2005-09-17 22:27 | 日記
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